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  1. Minna says:


    Kuuntelin juuri radiosta teidän kahelia reissusuunnitelmaa,
    A I V A N mahtava homma.

    Käytiin siipan kanssa moottoripyörällä Nepalissa mutka, yhteensä 23 maata, 28 500 kilsaa, aikaa meni 8 ja 1/2 kk. Paljon samoja huudeja kuin te tulette näkemään. Meidän taipaleesta löytyy paljon matskua sivuiltamme
    http://www.easy-rider.fi , jos jotakin vinkkejä tarviitte niin kysykää toki!

    Mielenkiinnolla reissuanne seuraten, hitosti tsemppiä ja kärsivällisyyttä paperisotiin toivottaen (& kateudesta vihertäen),

    “Life is a journey”

  2. Koo says:

    Hyvää matkaa ja kuvia näkyviin

  3. Richard Johnson says:

    Please come and compete at the British Street Food Awards in September? In England? We have the best traders in Europe coming over. If you email I will send you more details. richard@britishstreetfood.co.uk

  4. Kun joskus kerkeätte niin laittakaa mailia osoitteeseen sukellusasiaan (at) gmail . com olisi yksi ehdotus teille

    Sukellus Asiaan Crew

  5. Veronica Strömberg says:

    Olette saaneet vihdoinkin menopelinne, eipä tässä voi muuta kuin toivottaa hyvää matkaa :-) Lehtinen odottaa matkaraporttia innoissaan..

    Terkuin Veera ja Pete

    • Heippa hei sinnekkin! Teillä on niin paljon hauskoja menopelejä siellä, että oli pakko hommata tämä oma :) Saadaankohan tuk tuk Lehtisiin Juhannukseksi 2015? Autorannassa se näyttäisi hyvältä, mutta kyllä se hieno olisi saaressakin ;)

  6. Hi Pyry, regarding from Hungary. I am following your trip through the computer. It must be a big fun.

    • Hello Mariann! Glad that you are following. It’s always nice to hear that someone is actually reading it. Things are changing in the world and we must see if we can go through Ukraine as planned. If not, we will most likely pass through Hungary :) We will drop by to say hello!

  7. shailesh andrade says:

    hey will like to connect wot you guys in Mumbai, hear some of your stories through an interview and maybe feature you guys, in exchange we could be your local guides. let me know if this is possible will connect at your time.


    shailesh andrade

  8. Raj Marwah says:

    Good luck boys… hope you can understand some of messages above..! Some of them sound ‘foreign’.. err… like in FINNISH or something! PS: the best part of finishing this journey will be: you will be able to say ” We are Finns, and we have FINNISHED!” PPS: Hope you found my buddy in Helsinki, Erkki Toljamo? I think he might sponsor a small part of your journey.. encourage him! Meantime, keep rocking on (or in your case, RATTLING on!) PPS: When, at this rate, do you plan to reach Finland.. roughly?

  9. Jussi-Pekka Liimatainen says:

    Jos tarvitte apua Iranissa niin kertokaa.

  10. Tehseen says:


    Love what you are doing! You are soaking-in and learning diverse cultures and various people at a super fast speed. Cultural history departments at universities are envious of your travels. The best thing about your trip is that you are traveling by road and meeting common folks with humility. I hope you take a lot of pictures and videos. I will be following your trip. Have a safe journey!

  11. Mir Salman Ali says:

    Hi Pyry
    Glad to see you in city of lights ,Karachi .i should’ve spent more time with u when we met in morning yesterday.Pakistan is still reachable, thank you for crossing it.do let me know if I can be of any help.


  12. Ebad Pasha says:

    Hi Pyry and Juho

    You guys are truly an inspiration for people like me who want to travel the world and meet new people, see new places everyday. Since you guys happen to be in Karachi, where I also currently reside, It would be wonderful if we could meet and have a small talk somewhere. Also, if there’s any way I can help, it would be a pleasure for me. If you are in Pakistan for some time, please do NOT miss Thar desert. It might as well be the most amazing place you’ve visited in Pakistan. It’s not that far from Karachi, and I can help you if you wish to go there. Feel free to contact me. And yes, I wish to meet you guys.

    Ebad pasha.

  13. hande says:

    juho ja pyry kouvolassa on yksi tuk tuk rekisteröity liikennekäyttöön.

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