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Berries, the fruit of Finland

The first course of this adventures has come to a close. We’ve rested longer than we thought we needed, but it was a must to keep us sane and wellbeing.

Getting back into work mode when nature is doing the complete opposite is difficult. Adaptation takes it’s time and each day gets colder, rainier, and darker. Birds are migrating south while the vibrant leaves colour the surroundings and dance gracefully to the ground.


Now they’re gone, and everything is becoming grey. It’s 4 PM at the moment and it’s almost dark. Evening falls fast towards winter.

When the energy’s been up, Juho has been a busy little bee rummaging about the forest looking for berries and mushrooms to store for the winter,

I live just on the edge of a natural park where the autumn forest is at it’s most beautiful. It’s full of goodies like apples, mushrooms, lingonberries (Puolukka in Finnish) and rowan-berries (Pihlajanmarja). I’ve been jamming, salting, souring, drying, and planning a recipe for the next batch of beer. Food with family, best way to root.


The Rowan-berries I tried to preserve for the first time and I thought of making jam out of it. Instead I ended up making quite tasteful juice out of it, though next time I’ll try making the jam and taste the difference. After all, Rowan berries just get better in the frost.

Here’s how I made the juice:

1) Gather rowan berries, wash them up and clean.

2) Pour them in to a kettle, add cold water until berries are covered.

3) Boil until berries start losing colour.

4) Sieve juice out of berries (I used a linen towel as it filters sediment also)

5) Add good sugar to your liking. (I used muscovado sugar this time, but other sugars have different tastes so choose one to match your taste. Honey’s can also be used.)

6) Once finished, bottle it up, put it in a fridge and add water before drinking :)

The Taste is a little sour, quite much like lingonberry juice, but Rowan-berries are much easier to gather and has ten times more vitamin C, and I tell you the big C is a must in winter to fight off the flu. You can make it last for a much longer period by working as quickly as possible after disinfecting the bottle and cork. Disinfection is done by having them soak in boiling water for at least a few minutes.

While he’s been doing that, I’ve been bobbing around mindlessly trying to root myself back to sanity somehow.

We’ve been driving back and forth to Turku to teach circus and build some roué-cyr’s for students studying at the Turku Academy of Arts which has been nice. Turku is one of the nicest cities in Finland, I think, and it’s always great to leave with a huge smile from having had such a good time.


In Helsinki we’ve been going through our video material to pick out the highlights for the Tuk Tuk Travellers teaser, and making some music for it, all the while trying to plan something for the future.

It feels weird planning something while looking at footage of ourselves spending a year and a half realising that planning is useless, because things never go the planned way anyway. But we feel some kind of focus should be in a direction at least, otherwise the motion can end up hitting a tree.

The weather has been way too wet and cold for cruising, so the Tuk Tuk has been safely parked in front of the apartment. We gave her a good shot of antifreeze, and we’re now looking to find a place for her hibernation. The cold is no good for a tropical beast as it took 15 minutes the other day to start her up. She won’t make it through the winter outside, and so far there’s only a possible chicken pen we could place her in.

The blog posts from the adventure are still at tuktuktravellers.pallontallaajat.net, but we will be moving them onto our website soon.


  1. Joni 'Johnny' S says:

    Hehe! Missed you guys, when you rode through Romania and now I missed Pyry in Thailand, but I trust I’ll see you on the sunny road at some point! Happy trails!

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