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A simple Pirate story

There once was a pirate who sailed to the ends of the world, only to return with the greatest treasure there ever was. This treasure was not coins or stones of any kind, it was a parrot.

This was a spectacularly special parrot with a heart so pure that it’s feathers shone brighter than any diamond, or any piece of gold, and it’s colours glistened even in the darkness. Every word that came out of its mouth was a song worth dying for.

Normally a treasure so rare would be placed in the safe holds, but this pirate with his small head and big heart decided to do something different. He thought that a living breathing beautiful being should never be caged, so he let it be free.

He did everything he could to make the parrot as comfortable as possible, cooking delicious food, cleaning up the place, and even leaving all the windows open incase there was a sudden need to fly.

The parrot was happier than ever, flying as if dancing, and together they adventured through the most remarkable places and created an unbelievable story like no other. There was never a need for pillaging or plundering, because having the parrot around made even used coffee grinds more valuable than a piece of eight.

One morning, at the height of happiness, the pirate woke up to realise that the parrot was not there anymore. He stumbled on deck to see if something had happened, and searched every nook and cranny to see if the parrot was in trouble. Frantically he tried to think what could have happened trying not to let the panic set in, until finally he realised.

The pirate, lonelier than ever, waited on deck for days, if not weeks or even months, hoping to see any sign of the parrot. He didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, he just stood there staring and hoping, until his beard touched the ground. In the end he could do nothing, except let the teardrops fall as he whispered, “Goodbye my friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you happy”






Part 2: 

It had been a while since the lonely pirate had managed to raise his eyes above deck. He had been wandering around in his own head kicking himself for screwing up, and wasting time with the if’s and how’s of changing the past. During these days his tears had trickled down his empty cargo holds, and his ship was nearly ready to sink. 

Floating on this ocean of sorrow the pirate raised his brow in a sigh, and saw a small but incredibly beautiful box he had never seen before. Not having moved for days the pirate stumbled up to grab a long hook for extra distance. Pulling the box closer, he could see that there were some engravings, and as he dried the tears off with his shirt, these engravings began to glow. 

There was a carving on each side of the box. One side clearly had a butterfly, and two of them he could not yet make out. The main side of the box had a carving of a luscious garden that went all around the box on the top and bottom, and entwined everything. At the centre of this luscious land was his friend, the parrot, beaming beauty and colour into everything with it’s song.

In the starlit night, the pirate sat down to have a closer look at the box because it seemed to be sealed shut. He held it in his hands reminiscing, and an incredibly bright light started to shine from within. 

Startled from the light, the pirate fumbled the box and watched it begin it’s slow motion decent towards the depths of darkness. “Billions of billious barbecued blue blistering barnacles what a fool! What a god damned fool!!”, he shouted to himself.

He had just mourned over the loss of one treasure and was too weak to dive down after this new one without losing his own life, so once again he was in a situation where treasure had slipped through his hands and there was nothing he could do.

He decided that this time he will not waste his tears over lost treasure because his ship was already so full that only a single tear would suffice to throw off the delicate balance and everything would go down, but a pirate is a pirate, and there is not a single one in any of the universes that could withstand the loss of treasure without a single tear.

Realising this, the pirate ran to the side of his ship to try and drop this tear into the ocean, but as that tear drop formed, his heart started pounding and his vision became blurred. Panicking not to drop the tear inside his ship, a beautiful light formed from within the blurriness. When the teardrop took off on it’s flight, clarity came. 

The pirate realised he had run off the side of his own ship, and just like his teardrop, he too was descending towards that big dark starlit mirror. The light he had seen in the blurriness turned out to be three whales that had come to dance below his ship, and they had brought with them the magic of Phosphorescence. Transcending the surface, the pirate was entranced by the beauty of these slowly moving flying stars. Their song grabbed his his heart like the song of sirens, and being a mere mortal man, the pirate could not resist. 

It was as if 72 virgins were calling him, pulling him towards heaven, persuading his mind to let go. He was filled with pure animal energy, and this time he gladly let it free. He let go of his ego, and allowed the oceans of sensation to fill him.

As he swam deeper into the darkness, the phosphorescence lit up this topsy turvy world, and the pirate watched the beautiful dance of the whales as they twisted and twirled around him singing their song. It washed away all sorrow from his heart and he was in a state of bliss, taken by the song of the sirens. 

When they had finally finished their performance, they took with them the phosphorescence, and darkness came once more. Realising he was now deep underwater without breath, the pirate had nothing to do but close his eyes and let his life go. He brought his mind to remember all the goodness in his life, but it was all disturbed by a painful CLONCK. The box he had fumbled had hit him in the head, and was floating right in front of him.

He grabbed the box quickly not to lose it again, and the movement of his hand brought out the magic of phosphorescence once more. Like a wizard waving their wand he grabbed it, and that bright light started to shine once again. Making sure not to fumble the box, the pirate turned it around to see where the light was coming from. It was coming through the eye of the parrot. 

The pirate being who he is, could not resist the temptation to look straight into the eye of beauty, so he placed his own iris in line with the parrots, and was instantly blinded by the fear of love. This light burned sensation within him, and lit a lightbulb in his mind. The pirate realised that this fear of love was the key to everything, and it would save him, if it was not all too late. 

When the pirates vision came back, he held the box in his hand and stared at it. He let himself sink deeper and deeper into the bliss of the abyss, and began to close his eyes for that one last time. Through his eyelids he could see a light form, and it was the engraving of his old friend the parrot. 

The parrot came alive like a phoenix from the ashes and took it’s form in phosphorescence. This parrot of phosphorescence then spread its wings, and gave the pirate the most beautiful dance he had ever seen harmonised with the the most beautiful notes ever heard. His lungs were burning, his heart was melting, and he could feel the darkness coming. 

In the final moments of consciousness, the parrot landed on the pirates shoulder and whispered something in his ear. 

“Have no fear my friend. I shall return when the garden of eden is ready to be revealed”.

To Be Continued…

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