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A Rebel With a Cause

I grew up in two worlds, as I think we all do. One world came from my Mother, and the other from my Father. Both have intertwined in my life since before I can remember, and therefore have been unconscious parts of my life.

It started the other week when I was sitting in a small cove on the cliffside looking towards the open sea. I could feel the rocks holding me and protecting me from the wind, and I felt cozy and loved. I realised I was laying in the arms of Mother Earth. 

Then a few days ago I was talking with a friend about life, and all the things it throws at us. This same thought about Mother Earth came to me and I suddenly found a key to something! 

If Earth is Mother, then Father must be life. 

Thinking about it made sense, Mother Earth shields us by growing trees, gives us food with edible plants and does what all mothers do, loves us to bits no matter how badly we behave. Father Life on the other hand teaches us to grow smart and strong, sometimes very intensely, and fathers never throw a good eye towards misbehaving. 

I then continued to think what I had found a key to. I tried a few boxes here and there without success, until I thought long and hard about us humans being children of Earth and Life.

No family is well off with a bunch of kids with extreme sibling rivalry messing about like idiots breaking and consuming everything they can without giving the slightest ear to listen to what Mother and Father are trying to say. We’ve ended up in a situation where Mothers Earth is starting to lose her cool, and Fathers Life has nearly given up trying with so many of us. 

I think it’s maybe time that those of us with some love and gratitude towards family to try and help out where we can, because if Father life gives up and Mother Earth loses her cool completely, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I must note, that Mother and Father in the context I am speaking, has nothing to do with gender. We all started from that Mother and Father spark, and therefore we have both within each of us.

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