Pyry started off working in restaurants, studied theatre, made short films and joined the circus as a bearded guy.

Juho always wanted to be an adventurer. So he went to look for trouble from all kinds of silly places. Finally he grew some moustache and went to the circus.

Both are true Romantics, Culinarists, Circus Artists and Adventurers. Treating every setback, disaster or catastrophe as a positive chance for something new, the foolish-seeming optimistic attitude brings these two to unexpected places always with a bucket full of ideas. With the will to encourage fellow beings to take life in their own hands, Juho and Pyry got tired of dreaming. Instead they started doing.


This light-hearted and down-to-earth journey is about two circus artists and their street kitchen-tuned tuk tuk. It is a head-on odyssey of two friends on their way from Bangkok to Helsinki with the most unlikely vehicle. Searching for the secrets of street kitchen delicacies, Juho and Pyry dive into local communities, participate in festivities, learn to cook with locals and bring their own spice of circus into the soup.

The adventure starts with a spark quickly forming into a full-blown house-fire. The obsession rubs into whoever the adventurers come across on their path. Words are exchanged and gift given, but in the end everyone is left with a warm-hearted taste for adventure.